Festivals & Events   

2022 Feast Dates
as Scripturally Calculated by The CACI Feast Council

3 Spring Feasts 2022

(Fulfilled in Messiah's 1st Coming)

Passover - sundown April 15 to sundown April 16, 2022... Meal @ Sunset April 16th

Unleavened Bread
-  sundown April 16th to sundown April 23th, 2022*

*CACI Spring Convocation is held during this Festival 

Feast of Weeks

Begins with 1st Fruits - sundown April 23rd - sundown April 24th, 2022 

Closes with Pentecost - sundown June 11th - June 12th, 2022

4 Fall Feasts 2022

(Fulfilled when Messiah Returns)

Feast of Trumpets - sundown Sep 27th - sundown Sep 28th, 2022 Day of Atonement - sundown Oct 6th - Oct 7th, 2022

Feast of Tabernacles - sundown Oct 11th to sundown Oct 18th, 2022

The Eighth Day - sundown Oct 18th to sundown Oct 19th, 2022

Hanukkah 2022

Hanukkah 2021 - sundown Dec 19th to sundown Dec 27th, 2022

Unfortunately, the modern Jewish calendar no longer calculates the festival dates according to the scriptures. In order to produce calendars years in advance, they have chosen to estimate the first day of the month rather than use the sighted new moons. (Psalm 104:19 He made the moon to mark the festivals)

In addition, a number of non-biblical traditions have been added to the calculation of the festivals. For example, the one-day celebration given in scripture has been changed to a two-day celebration by Judaism. This causes the Jewish calendar to show many festivals beginning 24-48 hours before their scriptural dates.

Here you will find the festival dates calculated according to the sighted new moon, which follows the biblical and ancient process.